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JURY 2023



Documentary filmmaker and traveler


Olga was born in Moscow in 1981. Has a diploma from the journalistic department of Lomonosov Moscow State University and from the director’s department of VGIK (2006), workshop of Igor Gelein.


She has participated in seven expeditions to Antarctica, spent wintering (2009-2010) at the Bellingshausen polar station as a member of the 54th Russian Antarctic Expedition. Since 2008 she has been working in documentary cinema popularising the topic of high-latitude expeditions, polar explorations, life in hard-to-reach places of the planet. Winner of the Main Prize of the Russian Geographical Society 2016. In 2017 Olga started a project on restoration of the cemetery of polar explorers in Antarctica. Director of Autonomous nonprofit organization Radio Russian Arctic.


Director of the films The Light of the White Sea (2005), Beslan. Right to Life (2006), Wintering (2010), Border Effect (2012), Russian Antarctica. 21st Century (2015), Vostok Station. On the Threshold of Life (2016), Buromsky Island (2020) and others. The films have been participants and winners of dozens of film festivals in Russia and abroad, among the film awards: Best Cinematography Award at the Message to Man Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Human Rights Award at the Stalker Film Festival in Moscow, Audience Award at the Serbian festival Strong in Spirit, National Laurel Branch Award for Best Educational Film of the Year, Best Documentary Award at the Man and Nature Film Festival in Irkutsk, National Crystal Compass Award in the Education category and many others.

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