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  • Moscow International Documentary Film Festival Doker (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is a professional documentary film screening contest for documentaries from all over the world that is held annually in Moscow and other Russian cities

  • In 2022, the Festival will be held 15-28 August

  • The main venue for the Festival is the Multiplex Cinema OCTOBER in Moscow

  • Additional cities of the Festival: St.Petersburg and Yaroslavl

  • The Festival's program and the films' demonstration order is determined by the Festival's management


  • ​Development of cultural exchange and cooperation among documentary filmmakers worldwide

  • Presentation of the modern and relevant international non-fiction cinema in Russia

  • Expanding the understanding of international documentary filmmaking and its role in art

  • Enhancing the authority of non-fiction cinema and its importance in public life

  • Promoting and supporting new trends and movements in modern documentary filmmaking

  • Introduction of the foreign film industry representatives to Russian documentary films

  • New talents searching and support of creative search for young documentary filmmakers


  • International competition:

- full-length documentaries of 45 minutes or more

- Short documentaries up to 45 minutes

- Documentary films about information technologies of any duration


  • International out-of-competition program:

- Special and informational screening

- Doker Kids program (documentaries for families and children)

- Dok Therapy program (documentaries on mental disorders, followed by discussions with professional psychologists)

- Seminars and workshops with participation of international and local documentary film experts


  • Films presented by film companies, studios, independent producers, distributors and any copyright holders may participate in the Festival

  • The competition programs accept full-length and short documentaries from any country in the original language with English or Russian subtitles, the production of which was completed no earlier than January 1st, 2021

  • Films that have not previously been shown on the territory of the Russian Federation may participate in a full-length competition.

  • Films that have not previously been shown in Moscow may participate in the short film competition

  • The festival does not accept films shown on television in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as films that have been posted in the public online access

  • Anyone wishing to submit a film for the Festival should officially declare it by filling in the online form and providing the film for viewing by the selection committee online on the international festival platforms Filmfreeway no later than May 10, 2022

  • The festival is obliged to inform participants about the inclusion of their films in a particular program no later than June 15, 2022

  • The final decision on the inclusion of the film in the Festival competition program is made by the Selection Committee, which reserves the right not to explain the reason for refusal and not to give comments


  • For each selected film, the following materials shall be made available to the Festival not later than July 15, 2022:

- an English-language dialogue continuity (in SRT format)

- digital copy of the film for subtitling

- synopsis

- the director's biography and photograph

- film stills

- poster

- trailer or teaser

- other press materials, advertising and promotional materials, if any


The Festival has the right to use visual materials of films-participants and fragments of films (no more than 10% of the film's size and no more than 3 minutes) in order to inform viewers and promote the films in Russia


  • Master-copies of films accepted in the competition and non-competition programs should be received by the Festival by July 25, 2022

  • Admissible copy formats for the screening: DCP, high resolution and high quality digital files (Apple Pro Res, mov). Detailed technical requirements will be sent to all selected participants in person

  • The copy to be shown must have stitched English subtitles if the film is not in English

  • Film copy transportation to the Festival is possible through the FTP-server of the Festival

  • Physical transportation of film copies to the Festival is paid by the participant

  • Costs of returning the film copies are paid by the Festival. Copies will be sent to the rights holders within three weeks after the end of the Festival


  • To evaluate films, the international jury of full-length films is formed, as well as the international short film jury

  • The jury may not include persons involved in the creation or commercial distribution of films submitted to the competition


  • Jury Award for the Best Feature Documentary

  • Jury Award for the Best Short Documentary

  • Jury Award for the Best Directing

  • Jury Award for the Best Cinematography

  • Jury Award for the Best Editing

  • Jury Award for the Best Sound

  • Audience Award for the Best Feature Documentary

  • Additional prizes


  • Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all clauses of these Regulations

  • The Festival Management has the right to resolve all issues not specified in this Regulations in accordance with the generally accepted practice of international film festivals

  • Contact details of the Festival management:

- The main venue address: Moscow, New Arbat 24, Multiplex Cinema October

- Phone: +74951157369

- Е-mail:

- Official website:

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