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Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer has stemmed from the project of the same name which screens independent non-fiction. DOKer is aimed at analyzing and screening in Russia various genres and forms of the world's documentaries as a separate line of cinema in all its esthetic and socio-cultural diversity.


The Festival focuses on independent documentary cinema that incorporates both poetic narrative and social blockbusters; footage and mockumentary; art-house and science-fiction; classic and experiment.




— In the word combination “documentary movie” the stress falls on the “movie”

— There are millions ways to make a documentary, but one thing should stay intact: drama and interest

— Image and sound are important for docs as much as for fiction. The language of cinema is made up of sounds and images, and this very language tells the story. If it is poor, no one will appreciate the film

Giving Back

The Festival organizers are convinced that films about real characters from all over the world can break down old stereotypes and bring together people of polar mentalities. Finely-told documentary stories can help find ways of understanding another culture and establish common ground when realities clash. Such films can also help bring closer aspirations and hopes of other people and even find the meaning of life.


DOKer invites the public to look at the world through the eyes of documentary makers from dozens of countries and share universal emotions, reflections and aspirations. From the opening sequence the viewer is projected into an unknown reality and within an hour may get familiar with strange culture and traditions from around the world, learn many facts and phenomena and become intimate with various characters.


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