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JURY 2022




Director, screenwriter, member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. 


Vladimir was born in Omsk. In 2004 he obtained a degree in historical research from Omsk State University. In 2005 he graduated from the Independent School of Cinema and TV Internews, where he studied directing under Vladimir Fenchenko and Marina Razbezhkina.


In 2007 Vladimir founded «Igra», a cinema production company. His short documentaries include «The ship passes, the shoreline stays» (2006), «Unworldly» (2008), «The curtain» (2008), «The Game» (2010), «Alexey Tischenko. The champion’s anatomy» (2012), «The Sanctuary» (2012), «Two Childhoods» (2016), «Letsplay» (2019) and others. Golovnev completed his first short fiction movie «Happy to see you» in 2019. 


Vladimir’s movies have enjoyed international success, taking part in more than 100 festivals. Golovnyov’s awards include the Silver Centaur from Message to Man, Special mentions from Makedox and Doker, Grand Prix from Open documentary film festival Russia in Ekaterinburg, Best Short Documentary award from Flaertiana, Russian national TV and Cinema prize Laurel branch, Cinema critics award from Window to Europe film festival, and many others.


Vladimir’s first feature documentary, Long shot, premiered at Doker-2021 and was very well-received by the audience and critics alike. In 2022 Long Shot was released in more than 150 cinema centers across the country.

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