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JURY 2019




Claudia has studied at the University of Bologna, as a Philosophy major. She has started working as creative documentary director and producer in 2003. In 2004 she founded Movimenta, a production company focused on creative documentaries and based in Carpi, in Northern Italy. She has attended EAVE in 2011, Eurodoc in 2012, IDFA Academy in 2014, Berlinale Talents in 2015, EWA’s MRSTP in 2015.


Author of films Building the Winter Games (2006), Mostar United (2008), The Perfect Circle (2014), Verso Casa (2016), that became winners of numerous film festivals around the world, including Nominee for Prix Europa 2009, the Audience Award at Trieste Film festival, Best Moral Approach at Makedox, Best documentaries at DOKMA-Maribor, at Genova Film festival, Mediterraneo Video Festival and others.


In 2018 Claudia become a winner of three awards at DOK Leipzig, including the Golden Dove for I Had a Dream, a film about the political journeys of two Italian women over the last ten years.

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