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    EGYPT 70 MIN


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      In the extra ordinary Egyptian city of “Suez “, the Egyptian revolution was born and the film features its entire special divided story. The Suez born 30 years old filmmaker invites the audience to share his internal meditative look at the very special 5 periods of time in his life. Each period is described in a wave and each wave has a special visual & auditory theme inspired from the sea’s various actions. Using the director’s voice over, animation scenes, and a poetic style of sound design & cinematography, the film describes the mental & psychic structure of the currently so called as ‘the Egyptian revolution’s generation”. And tries to decode many special facts in both the far and near history of Egypt that directly helps in reading the present and the future of Egypt!




      Born in 1983, studied TV directing & Media studies,Then he studied creative documentary film at the Arab institute of film, He has worked as first assistant director in Cinema in Egypt for 5 years. Ahmed is an amateur photographer so he usually shoots parts of his own films. Ahmed started to write & direct his own films since he was 18, for approximately 11 years he has achieved a TV documentary, a short film, and 2 medium length creative documentaries. Waves is Nour’s first feature length documentary film for cinema. Lately he created a Cairo based tiny production house called: “Moug films” which is specialized in documentary film production.



      • 10-th Dubai international film festival, UAE 2013 
      • 10-th Festival des Rencontres de l'Image, Cairo, Egypt 2014 — Opening fillm, Grand prize for best feature length film
      • 17-th Ismailia international Documentary and short film festival, Egypt — Best feature length documentary



      It’s been a challenge on many levels; personal, professional, financial, emotional & ethical. Over 4 years of intensive work, I have tried to make an honest film that tries to go beyond the personal, the geographical & the current, to the collective & the humanistic wide space.


      I am so grateful to my fellow team of genuine artists who have given their maximum efforts into this film to help me achieving my artistic goals almost with no compromise despite the entire financial crisis we have faced over 3 years. This film is dear to me not only because it’s my first film but also because it has been my intimate friend in a journey that has been full of emotions, questions & changes!


      Main Competition 2015

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