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    SPAIN 30 MIN


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      An intimate portrait, in the form of a triptych, of three prisoners. We don't need to know in which prison they are held, who these women are, or their names. After a few images and brief testimonies, we come to realize how these women feel, and more importantly, that which these women choose to keep silent.


      The portrayal explores both the inner worlds of each inmate, and their subjective experiences of the cold world around them. The only free, open, space exposed to them is the sky, paradoxically both unattainable and infinite. Even the reverberating birdsong from the skies above gets trapped as it falls between the echoing prison walls. Nature, lush and mysterious, remains excluded behind these same walls. The personal prison for each woman differs. For one, prison has meant a loss of contact with loved ones. Another admits that prison brought her a kind of salvation, while the third affirns to us that the prison confining her is really not that which we can see with our eyes. 




      Born in Madrid (Spain). He studied piano and graduated in London at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He has given recitals in Europe as a soloist and as an accompanist for singers. In 2010 he published his first book of poems, titled "La flor del vacío" (The flower of emptiness, Amargord Ediciones) and recorded for the national radio in Spain (RNE) Bach Goldberg's variations. His interest in filmmaking led him to study a Master in Directing and Producing Documentary Cinema (IPECC, Universidad de Alaclá de Henares, Spain) in the academic year 2013-2014.


      He has directed the short documentary film TRES MUJERES (Three Women) which has been selected in Visions du Réel DOCM 2014 (Nyon, Switzerland), and shown in MiradasDoc 2014 in which won an Honorific Mention for Best Short Documentary, 2014 Spain; Zinebi 56 Edition 2014, Spain; Mecal Pro Barcelona, Spain; FESANCOR Santiago de Chile, MIDBO Bogotá, Colombia; CURTACINEMA Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Spain; and Festival de Cine de Madrid PNR 24th Edition, Spain (Winner of Best Short Film).


      He is currently finishing his first feature length documentary, titled "THIS FILM IS ABOUT ME" in co-production with El Viaje Films (Producer of this year Locarno's Jury Prize "Dead Slow Ahead") and the official state support from ICAA (Spain). 



      • 9th MiradasDoc, Spain 2015 
      • 56th Zinebi Bilbao, Spain 2015 
      • 12th Festival International Signes du Nuit Paris, France 2015 
      • 3th La Guarimba Amantea, Italy 2015 
      • 16th Mediteran Film Festival, Bosnia i Herzegovina 2015 
      • 23th Internacional Short Film Festival in Santiago, Chile 2015 
      • 17th Muestra IDFF in Bogotá, Colombia 2015 
      • 25th Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015 
      • 8th Leiden International Short Film Experience, Netherlands 2016 



      Short Competition 2016

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