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    Joy has two lesbian mothers, Mo and Frei, and two gay fathers, Floor and Coen. She has a boyfriend of Nigerian origins, Timo, and a Portuguese girlfriend, Bibi. She is eighteen and she was born through an insemination passed in a jar of peanut butter. A documentary film about a girl coming from the future, shot with a mobile phone.




    Born in 1983 in Taranto, Southern Italy. A graduate of Le Fresnoy, his short films have been screened at many international festivals including Oberhausen, Viennale, Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Indielisboa, Nouveau Cinéma Montreal, Leeds, Dubai. They were presented at the Cinémathèque française in Paris and in museums like the Macro in Rome or the Mucem in Marseille. In three countries they were broadcasted on television (France 3, Sky Art, SVT). He received many awards including the Best Short film at the Torino Film Festival and a mention for Best Shortfilm Director at Nastri d'Argento, the Italian critics' prize. 


    Between 2008 and 2009 he was artistic director of the Palestinian public television AQTV and taught screenwriting and editing in the film school of Bethlehem. In 2012 he was artist in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and invited for the Berlinale Talents. In 2013 he has been selected by the Cannes Film Festival for the Cinefondation Residence to develop his first feature film.



    • Torino Film Festival, Italy 2014
    • Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay, Canada 2014
    • Festival international du film court, France 2014
    • Pancevo Film Festival in Belgrad, Serbia 2014
    • Sleepwalkers International  Film Festival, Estonia 2014
    • Terra di Cinema, France 2015



    When I met Joy for the first time, I had right away the feeling of facing someone who came from another decade. Someone from the future. On my thir ties I suddenly felt old.  


    While we assist to numerous debates regarding gay marriage, adoption and procreation rights, Joy flits around, like a creature of desire and voluptuousness, in love with love, who laughs from life and makes fun of death.The girl who comes from the future lives in the present.  


    Searching to give it a cinematographic approach and carried on by the desire of making a movie that escapes from the exhaustive system of funding and the long wait for subsidies., I chose to do it by myself, with a mobile phone with which I could shoot videos. Shooting with an object that could be a par t of Joy’s universe, that could be her’s, with which she could even shoot her own film about her eighteen years old. 


    This is the way itself is also a movie that came from the future.


    Short Competition 2015

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