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      The adventures of a camera forgotten by a passenger in a rickshaw in Kathmandu.


      Kathmandu remains a mystery. The director, Paul Druce, shapes a unique way into the heart of the city on the roof of the world. A journey through light and shadows, through the cycle of life and death, brutality, solace and immediacy. A poem and a cinematic river at once.


      The Lost Camera develops the cinematic technique of montage further by threading a narrative that places an object, the camera, as protagonist. The flowing motion of the camera throughout the film captures the sense of movement through a river of life. Niether documentary nor feature film, The Lost Camera dwells in an artistic cinematic space and through being lost discovers a reaffirmation of life and humanity.


      Filmed singlehandedly by the director on the streets of Kathmandu over a period of 7 weeks.




      Filmmaker and cinematographer who brings the sense of the journey and closeness to all of his work. A purist storyteller who seeks to capture the magic of reality. He is also the only known filmmaker in the world to have fallen off of the Himalayas whilst chasing a butterfly.


      Educated at the University of Hull and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Paul ventured to Berlin at the fall of the Berlin Wall.


      He spent many years leading the online journalists at JazzRadio und Verlag GmbH in producing award winning video, photographic, and radio reports from around Europe, North Africa, and the USA. 


      In 2005, at the height of the Nepali Civil War, Paul moved to the Himalayan region and spent months experiencing first-hand the injustices, resentments, and brutality of a people’s war fought by the impoverished against a corrupt ruling elite. The experience cast the importance of the journey, the individual’s story, and the tale of common people in him.


      In 2010, he was selected for a unique German government advanced 2 year training programme for journalists, in Berlin, delivering centre-stage film reports on squat clearances and civil unrest in Berlin. Paul continues upon the journey – both in film and life. Since 2012 he has produced 4 feature length films, Beyond the Lost Horizon, Hillbilly Berlin, Athens Drift, The Lost Camera and the short film, Butterflies – 10 Observations.


      Cinema in Cinema 2015

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