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      A humorous and moving portrait of a man whose main job is to care for a dog. Retired actor Lars-Gunnar Persson spends his days with his neighbor's dog, sharing memories of failed relationships and questioning what life might have been.




      Caroline Ingvarsson is an award winning writer and director of documentary, fiction shorts and music videos, in addition to being credited in award winning feature films including HAIL and Ben Lee: Catch My Disease, as well as the internationally acclaimed television series The Bridge. Caroline’s documentary I Met A Real Streety Once from 2007 won at the Film for Film Festival in 2007 and was selected to several

      international film festivals; Perth International Film Festival, Berlin Short Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival among others. Recently Caroline directed Disckoteka Yugostyles song Eagle Dangers, which became a viral success in Sweden and won for Best Music Video at Sandfly Music Festival in Australia. Her most recent short documentary The Dogwalker, premiered at Göteborg International Film Festival in January 2014. Carolines holds a Diploma in Screen Studies from Sydney Film School, Australia, and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London, England. She currently resides in Malmö, Sweden.



      • Pixel Short Film Festival, Sweden 2014 — Audience Award for the Best Short & Director Talent Award
      • Palm Springs International Short Fest, USA 2014 — 2nd place Best Documentary
      • Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival, Sweden 2014 — Audience Award
      • Chicago IFF, USA 2014 — Nominated Golden Hugo Award
      • Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden 2014 
      • Kassel DOK Fest, Germany 2014 
      • Bergman Week, Sweden 2014 
      • DOK Leipzig, Germany 2014 
      • Camden IFF, USA 2014 
      • Zageb DOX, Croatia 2015 
      • Scandinavian FF in Los Angeles, USA 2015 
      • TEMPO Film Festival, Sweden 2015 — Nominated New Doc Award



      I first met Lars-Gunnar when he cared for my parents’ dog. I realized he was a man of many lives, but had no one to share his stories with. To my relief, however, I noticed that dog Zeb was the company Lars-Gunnar seemed to need.


      Lars-Gunnar’s personality sparked my curiosity and I immediately wanted to get to know him. He is a fascinating individual with a distinctive humorous world outlook, something which I wanted to capture in my film.


      I wanted to create a film based on a-day-in-the-life-of Lars-Gunnar, to show his daily life, solitude, and questions on life and death. The film portrays a man who opens up about his life choices and how they could have been different. The Dogwalker is a film about life and all its chapters, a film that will touch us all.


      Cinema in Cinema 2015

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