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      Is the end of the school year, the heat comes, and with it regular power cuts in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Karol, Junior, Ronaldo and Caio have a harsh summer ahead of them. In a country where living conditions are increasingly precarious, these four young people will faced with the uncertainties of adulthood, invent new ways, perhaps unthinkable, to continue growing and dreaming.



      Directed four short films, the most relevant are Confetti (2013) selected at Hot Springs IDFF, Edinburgh FF, Havana and FIDOCS among others, and The Lighthouse Island (2016) selected at Olhar de Cinema and Guanajuato IFF. Sun Inside is her first feature.


      Sun Inside is about the vacations of four teenagers affected by the crisis in Brazil. The characters move away from the stereotype of violence and the victimization of poverty, bringing to light experiences and imaginary about this generation in the favela in Rio de Janeiro. Together they crossroads between the present and an uncertain future, in which they can, at least in the film, converge and move in any direction. Sun inside is structured as collage of the fragments of their lives, which does not necessarily have a causal logic, but allows to see racial and cultural differences and also the presence of the evangelical religion in those peripheral spaces, without judging their choices and trying to be close to the complex point of view. In this way, Sun inside is coming of age about this youth in Brazil today, through a pulsating and vibrant look at this generation.


      • Olhar de Cinema Brazil
      • Doclisboa International Film Festival
      • Mar del Plata International Film Festival
      • Antofacine International Film Festival Chile
      • Havana Film Festival
      • Göteborg Film Festival

      DOKer 2020 — Main Competition

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