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      Human tales that we often fail to listen from their protagonists, tales we often hear either through the gaps in the doors or behind the closed doors but tales that we always hear behind an obstacle... A documentary that opens the doors and takes a peak into the world of child marriages from the perspective of child-grooms...


      A movie that examines the child marriages in Turkey from the perspective of child-grooms; a movie that shows that the causes, consequences and the level of pain do not change that much across sexes in child marriages. In fact, the movie starts off by showing how things look different inside out, how apparent joy masks deep sorrow. Stories of fourteen-fifteen year-old boys still not mature, missing the joys of childhood by assuming the household responsibilities of being a dad to his child and a husband to his wife.




      Was born in Istanbul in 1989. Having completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he graduated from the Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema at the Akdeniz University. He is currently pursuing his masters degree at the same department.


      His documentary titled Zarok (2013) was featured in many festivals in Turkey and abroad and he has received multiple awards. After Zarok, the first documentary of ‘Hand Trilogy’, he filmed Çirok in 2014, the second of the trilogy.


      Short Competition 2016

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