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      A story about two contrasting people striking up a suprising, emotional and spiritual relationship. Japanese student Norie Tsuruta travels to Latvia to study Suiti community. There she meets one of the oldest Suiti women nicknamed Ruch, and develops a very personal bond with her. It doesn't break even when she's back in Japan. Norie wishes she had two bodies to be in both places at the same time. An invisible and inexplicable link connects her with Ruch. Norie thinks she has found her deceased grandma in Ruch while Ruch worries about Norie being "far out there" and trembles ar every earthquake in Japan. Ruch and Norie prove us all there are no borders to a genuine relationship filled with humour and love.




      Graduated from St. Petersburg Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography in 1994, later updating her knowledge at different international classes and workshops for film directors and producers. In 1991, she co-founded the film studio “DEVINI” in Riga, Latvia, which has proven itself as a highly professional and reliable film production company with a compelling filmography and great international potential. Ināra is member of European Film Academy.


      Ināra Kolmane's first feature “mona” (Co-production, Latvia-Iceland) was selected and nominated for different awards at several international festivals, including Sofia International Film Festival in 2013. Besides the filmmaking, she has an excellent collaboration with actors in Radio Theater where she has directed couple of radio dramas and radio series.


      Now Ināra Kolmane is one of the most recognized film director in Latvia. Since its recent premiere, “Ruch and Norie” has become a box-office hit and national festival “Lielais Kristaps” award winner receiving several nominations and four prizes, including the Best Documentary Award. Ināra Kolmane was awarded as the Best Director and Best Screenplay Writer. “Ruch and Norie” is soon expected to travel around the international film festivals just like her previous documentaries that had been selected, nominated and awarded by many festivals. The most popular of the festival winners is documentary “My Husband Andrei Sakharov” (Co-production, Latvia-France). Being an awarded festival film, it has been screened by TV stations in nearly all European countries, winning over American and Canadian audiences too.



      • Best Documentary - Latvia's National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps" 
      • Best Documentary Director - Latvia's National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps" 
      • Best Screenplay Writer - Latvia's National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps" 
      • Best Documentary DOP - Latvia's National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps"



      Main Competition 2016

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