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    ISRAEL 89 MIN, 2020


    • ABOUT

      A young filmmaker follows a 94-year-old Soviet war heroine who fought in the Siege of Leningrad. During the filming, the two dive deep into a spiritual process that awakens the young woman within her. A film about war and loss becomes a story of love and friendship.



      A young, award winning, filmmaker, Steve Tisch School of Film and Television alumnus. Exhibited his projects in contemporary art museum exhibitions. His experimental short series was nominated for best video of 2019 award by Vimeo. Filmed short fiction and documentary films that were awarded in top class international film festivals. In 2019 was nominated for prestigious IDA Awards for best short documentary with a film, Valley of The Rulers. The War of Raya Sinitsina is his first feature film, won best director and cinematography awards at DocAviv 2020 and Best Debut Feature and Cinematography awards by Israeli Documentary Association.


      Why would a young guy decide to make a movie about a 94-year-old woman? Why, all of a sudden, for three and a half years, am I making a film about a war that never interested me? About which so much has been filmed, shown, written and said. Fate mystically led me to Raya, our connection could not be explained by logic and feelings, it was on another level, a karmic connection, and the journey we were on, at its peak, suddenly answered the questions that I ask at the beginning of this text. We touched on the war trauma of Raya Sinitsina, in the very depths of her soul. Once again feeling like a young girl who fought, we were able to create a therapeutic space. I was there with her as the soul of a young soldier, a soul that had also suddenly found peace. And then I knew that this film is beyond this life, beyond it. For me, this is a prayer of the soul, the purpose of which is to be freed from the curse of war. The camera was just an excuse. At the beginning of the shooting, the intention was to show the outgoing generation of the last soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, and in the process I found love and peace. This film is for those who are ready to experience that war through life, fears and love, without unnecessary dates, and "facts". This is a farewell letter to the people who were in that war.


      • DocAviv / Israel — Best Director, Best Cinematographer

      DOKer 2021 — Main Competition


      The screening is supported by the Embassy of Israel, Moscow

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