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    SPAIN 73 MIN


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      The “Duque de Alba” is the last adult movie theatre remaining in Madrid. Rafael, the projectionist, works hard every day in order to make the place tidier. He hand-paints the movie posters himself, he puts flowers and houseplants around, he fits out the entrance… Even though pornography is mostly consumed online, the theatre works due to a fixed clientele. The “Duque de Alba” is, indeed, more than just an adult movie theatre: it is a shelter, a refuge. Yet Rafael has to face a new problem now: Luisa, the ticket clerk with whom he’s worked with for more than thirty years, the only one who helps him make the theatre a better place, is about to retire. 




      filmmaker from the Canary Islands with Sirian origin. He trained in Paris and Montreal and holds a degree in Communication Studies from Complutense University of Madrid and a Masters in Creative Film, TV and Interactive Media from Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. Paradiso (Art and Research Award in Screenwriting 2010) is his first feature film.



      • Rizoma FF, Spain 2013 — Best film
      • Malaga FF, Spain 2014 
      • Transilvania FF, Romania 2014 
      • IFF de Cine Independiente, Argentina 2014 
      • Doc Point Helsinki, Finlad 2015 
      • Arizona IFF, USA 2015



      Cinema in Cinema 2015

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