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    ITALY 11 MIN, 2021


    • ABOUT

      Ophelia is 92 years old, and her foggy memories continue to fade. The only way to slow down the unstoppable action of time is to document the present and rediscover the past in old Super 8s.



      While obtaining his degree in Film Studies from the University of Siena, Pierfrancesco Bigazzi worked as director and cameraman in several music videos for musicians such as Riccardo Tesi, Arlo Bigazzi, Ginevra Di Marco, The Gang and many others from the independent music scene. After graduation, he has been directing short movies and documentaries in both directorial and production positions and in 2018 he was artistic director of an artists residency for filmmakers in Florence. Author of Hydra the series co-directed whith Rossano Dalla Barba (2011/2012) and short films Dove Noi Non Siamo (2015) & Moon on Fire (2018).


      Some time ago I found some old Super 8 films in the house and I was immediately impressed.

      Looking at them I was transported into the past of Ofelia, my grandparents, my father and my uncle. I saw for the first time the face of my sanguine grandfather, whom I have never known, some of my grandmother's travels, those travels that were part of the thousand stories she has always told me since I was a child and which are now slowly disappearing.

      As at the time, today too we have the ability to memorize and capture certain memories through the tools at our disposal, as we do with mobile phones in everyday life, for example, and above all as I do with my work and my passion, cinema. I feel the need to chase the memory of my grandmother which is fading more and more. I would like to capture and stop it over time, so I decided to create a short story, documenting Ophelia's today.

      I collected scattered material, with unexpected feeling and strength.

      I have been living at home with her for 3 years now and only living it fully I wrote the short film, playing and interacting fully with all situations, but above all with her, doing it in the true sense of the word "acting".

      It is an intimate and personal story even if my basic intent was to create a story that could easily reach everyone. A reflection on time, memory, the past and transience.

      And by intimately creating a universal dialogue, to be left as a testament to the wonderful and never sufficiently remembered figure of grandparents.


      • Torino Film Festival, Italy 
      • La Mirada Tabù, Spain
      • Festa do Cinema Italiano, Portugal
      • Prato Film Festival, Italy
      • Officine Social Movie, Italy 
      • Lecce Film Fest, Italy
      • Luoghi dell’Anima Ita Film Fest, Italy
      • Festival Francesco Pasinetti, Italy
      • Toscana Filmmakers Festival, Italy

      DOKer 2022 — Short Competition

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