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      Shane spent the last ten years taking mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, anti-anxiety pills, sleeping pills, and so on. Along the way he lost his job, his girlfriend and his friends. Mood Atlas is a short documentary exploring Shane’s Bipolar Disorder and his search for hope in neuroscience. As a team of brain researchers map his brain, the psychological tests administered to Shane act as a device for the film viewer to enter Shane’s psyche.



      Film director based in Dublin, Ireland. She directed several successful shorts, receiving over 50 awards and nominations globally, and screening at international short film festivals such as Palm Springs, Aesthetica, São Paulo, Valladolid, Tehran and Helsinki. Her work has been broadcast on Virgin Media TV, RTE, TG4, ShortsTV USA, and TogetherTV (Sky UK). In 2018 Mia received the Discovery Award at Dublin International Film Festival for her body of work, and was made the 2018/2019 Filmmaker-in-Residence. Before filmmaking she studied philosophy and psychology, worked as a dancer and an Applied Behavioural Analyst while living in Galway. Her academic focus was the mind-body problem and recording brain waves to document visual perception. As a psychologist her work was with children, both in Ireland and abroad. She also worked in Sri Lanka, India and Peru, creating theatre and film projects with orphans and street-children.


      • Raw Science Film Festival
      • Vienna Science Film Festival
      • Sci-On Film Festival

      Dok Therapy 2020

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