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    GERMANY 42 MIN, 2020


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      A film about the end of a great love. «Endure and survive,» are the words Ben tattoos on his skin. His relationship with Katharina is over. Or is it? The couple meet one last time. One evening, one night, one morning. He reproaches her, she blocks him. Ever new attempts, loops of desperation and anger, speechlessness. Ben wants to reinvent the relationship, Katharina wants to reinvent herself, as in her self-made videos which she shares on TikTok. «I loved you,» she says, «I thought you couldn’t feel it — I felt it anyway».



      Born in Hamburg, studied directing at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. With her documentary film «Cigaretta mon Amour — Portrait of my Father» (2006) she won the German Short Film Award in Gold. This was followed by her multiple award-winning short films «Escape» (2011) and «A Girl’s Day» (2014), which have been screened at numerous international festivals. «A Girl’s Day» was produced for a series of broadcasts entitled «16 x Germany — Lower Saxony». In 2017 she realised the film «You were my Life» (3sat) (a sequel to «A Girl’s Day») which won the Grimme —Award (2018). «Family Life» (2018) is her first feature- length documentary, which premiered at the Berlinale in the Panorama section and which was shown at numerous international Festivals. «I loved you» (2020) is her latest film, which premiered at the 44th Duisburg Film Week.


      • 44 Duisburger Filmwoche

      «I Loved You» is also a film about communication — about how we talk to each other in such a situation. It was a result of working together on the film that the protagonists trusted me so much. This led to the fact that it could be told with great force and intensity. This intensity is due to the openness of the protagonists, their willingness to let others participate in something undisclosed, even painful, from their lives. I’m interested in stories that allow participation in the fate of people, for films in which we see people trying to escape their fate, their story. In search of security, of cohesion, of a little happiness and fulfillment, of the longing to be understood and loved. People whose struggle for a better life shows itself in small things and also in enduring difficult moments.


      DOKer 2021 — Dok Therapy


      The screening is supported by Goethe-Institut, Moskau

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