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      In Foshan, a post 90s wage earner, Huang Zhongjian, is attempting to through Choy Lee Fut and lion dance to build justice in his hometown. Northern Xinjiang, a well-known old saddler, Ahet, is sparing no effort to pay his two sons` debts. These two men who disrelated is facing increasingly similar situation.

      Nephew who is suffering from uremia needs kidney of Ahet`s second son to maintain life, however, daughter-in-law resolutely against. The creditor never stop collecting debts, nephew`s health is getting worse, Ahet must to face all of these trouble. The other side, in Foshan, the idealist`s lion head has been broken to fragment. Huang`s girlfriend is predelivery, nevertheless, her father forbids daughter to marry this poor boy from backward mountain village. What`s worse, his unborn baby has been diagnosed CHD.


      XIAO HAN


      Xiao Han, a Chinese famous documentary director in China, an associate professor of Zhejiang University of Technology. He graduated from the China Academy of Art, has been worked as compere and theatrical producer, and he taught in universary at present. He started to make documentaries in 2010, filmed Lijiang Facebook, Ladder to Paradise and Masters in Forbidden city. Ladder to Paradise in 2015 set a new record for the Chinese documentary box office, won a number of domestic and foreign documentary film festival awards. Masters in Forbidden city in 2016 has been praised as the most recommended documentary by the young audience while causing widespread public dicussion on the spirit of craftsman.




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