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      Ugur has to produce a film in order to rejoice with the love of his life... He seeks professional help only to find Bora, a director who has quit filmmaking. Spotting Ugur and Barış as the long awaited opportunity to realize an abandoned project, Bora calls in his old partner, blocked scriptwriter Haluk... Now, with their limited means, it will be up to Bora and Haluk to finish the film, and set up a happy ending for Leyla and Uğur.




      After studying film at Bard College, Bora decided to survive in his homeland and headed back to Istanbul.  His first feature was Fasulye (Beans). Eventhough a financial disaster, the film turned out to be a creeper hit with significant critical acclaim. He paid his way out of his debts and saved enough for his second film by shooting Turkish sitcoms for over ten years. Böcek (Ladybug) is his second film, shot independently on an extremely low budget.



      • Istanbul Independent Film Festival, Turkey 2014 
      • Palm Beach International Film Festival, USA 2014 
      • Canada IFF 2014 — Rising Star Award
      • Sunscreen Film Festival, USA 2014 
      • Faux Film Festival, USA 2014



      This is an experimental mockumentary on film itself. Dialogues are improvised, and the film is shot by amateur cameramen. Our hero has to finish the film in order to rejoice with the love of his life. Fiction and reality become inseparable as he's being filmed himself... Surely though the hero finds his happy ending with our help; me, a retired director, and my past partner the blocked writer...


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