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    IRAN - 75 MIN, 2021


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      ISATIS is the first adobe city and the second historical city in the world. Water, wind, soil, and fire narrate the story of this thousands-year city. The water story is narrated by the people who built aqueducts in ISATIS, a town at the heart of the desert. The story of the wind is narrated by the city of windcatchers from the people who conquered the wind to survive in a hot and dry city. The story of the soil is narrated by people who constructed the world’s oldest adobe city. The story of the sacred fire from Zoroastrian masters to huge factories. Story of the kind dialogue between religions and the scent of faith. The secret to perfection and peaceful permanence can be found only in harmony with nature. This documentary is also a narration of ancient and historical rituals in the heart of the world’s first adobe city. Demonstration of tangible and intangible heritage in the heart of an ancient culture. Peaceful coexistence of religions and a thousand-year-old city narrated by the language of water, wind, soil, fire. Meanwhile, industrial development and environmental pollution may put this city in danger of destruction as many historic towns of the world.



      Producer, director & writer. He has won many awards in different international and national festivals and has been a jury member in some festivals like Oberon Film Festival. Some of his works focus on the environment, anthropology, and natural beauties. ISATIS is the combination of all.


      Doker 2022 — Closing Night Film

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