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      This is the amazing story of Ion, a visually handicapped man born under Ceausescu's regime in Romania. He works today for the phone-tappings department at the Belgian federal Police. In parallel, the film explores the beautiful but dramatic conditions in which Ion, his blind wife and their young boy, had to face in the past for hoping living in peace and freedom.




      Graduated in film production in 2004. His end of studies film, “The Secret of the Gods", was shown at more than sixty-five European festivals and received several awards. In 2013, he directed “Ion”, a documentary screened and awarded in many international festivals, shown in cinemas in Belgium and on the Belgian public broadcasting television. In 2014, he released his new documentary “Flowers in the Shadows”. In addition, he has directed for televisions ARTE and RTBF, has written and has worked as an assistant director in cinema and assistant to stage director in the Theatre and the Circus, and has been a teacher in documentary at SAE Film Institute Brussels.



      • IDFF "Traces de Vie" in Clermont-Ferrand, France 2013 — First Professional Documentary Award
      • IDFF «Aux Ecrans du Réel», France 2013 — Jury Award & Audience Award
      • International Detective Film Festival, Belgium 2014 — Best Documentary Award
      • ASTRA International Film Festival, Romania 2013 
      • Turkish Radio-TV Corporation (TRT) Documentary Awards, Turkey 2014 
      • Festival International du Film Francophone, Belgium 2013 
      • Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria 2014 
      • International Independent Film Festival PORTOBELLO, U.K. 2014 
      • IDFF CINEDOCS in Tbilisi, Georgia 2014 
      • DOCUDAYS UA - Human Rights IDFF, Ukraine 2015



      Main Competition 2015

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