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      Anti-war movie in the true sense of the word, searching for possibilities for peace in the most unlikely place of an online war game. It’s a tribute to disobedience and desertion — in both digital and physical-real warfare. Shot in the picturesque war landscapes of 
      «Battlefield V», the hyperreal graphics become the backdrop for an essay-like narrative. The film revolves around the history of deserters — a part of human history, which has hardly been illuminated. Performances and creative interventions explore the scopes and limits of the audiovisual entertainment machine.


      Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf

      An open artists’ collective which criticizes and artistically appropriates contempora-ry video games. However, as most mainstream game narratives employ the same infinite loops of reac-tionary tropes, the genre largely fails to challenge the values of their players and instead affirms hege-monial moral concepts. Acknowledging that this media is currently not realizing its cultural potential, we aim to appropriate digital game spaces and put them to new use. Moving within games but casting aside the intended gameplay, we rededicate these resources to new activities and narratives, looking to create «public» spaces with a critical potential.


      • Berlinale
      • Short Waves Film Festival Poland
      • Glasgow Short Film Festival
      • One World Film Festival Prague
      • True/False Film Festival USA
      • Diagonale Austria
      • Go Short International Short Film Festival Netherlands
      • Crossing Europe Austria
      • Vienna Shorts
      • Animafest Zagreb
      • Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival South Korea

      DOKer 2020 — Let IT dok!

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