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  • HERD

    ISRAEL 37 MIN, 2021


    • ABOUT

      Itamar, Naama’s father, owns a ranch that raises cattle for slaughter. Ten year old Naama deals with a big philosophical question regarding life & death while working with her Father. While she develops compassion for the cattle, Itamar sees death as an inevitable part of life.



      Omer Daida, 27 years old, originally from Rosh Ha’ayin, currently living in Tel Aviv. Graduated from Sapir College, School of Audio and Visual Arts. During studies, he focused on the documentary filmmaking field, and created film Herd. Today he works as DOP of 2 Documentary films that are still in production.


      When I was 17 years old, my mother had colorectal cancer - which is the same one her mother had. The cancer was discovered at a late stage because of my mother’s fear of medical surveillance, despite the symptoms she experienced. My mother knew what she is going to go through but I didn’t. Two and a half years of fighting the disease, she passed away. After her death I made a pact with myself that it’s not going to be that way with me. Fear of death will not manage me but I will. From this thought I started creating “Herd”.

      When I first met Naama, the protagonist of the film, it was clear that I want to make a film about her and see the world through her eyes. A 10 year old girl dealing daily with death. Death of animals she herself delivered, took care of and loved. I saw Naama dealing with things I was too scared dealing with when I was her age.

      The film is an observing Naama’s point of view, including the existential dilemmas on her way. It is possible to know and understand her through the silences, and through her facial expression that sometimes shows thoughts and emotions better than words. Her deep world is rich and delicate, and every world that comes out of it is carefully thought of. But between word and silence, you can see the way she slowly paves her own way.


      • IDFA Amsterdam 2021, Netherlands
      • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2022, USA
      • Ulju Mountain Film Festival 2022, South Korea
      • DocEdge Auckland 2022, New Zealand
      • Pärnu Film Festival 2022, Estonia

      Doker Kids 2022

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