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      What is work? Everyone works and has to work. The 40-hour workweek is a standard in our capitalistic society. Our work consumes the most of our available time for almost our whole lives. Office jobs and assembly-line work have become a symbol for wasting our time to useless labor. The film shows us a day in the life of the working man and the routine and grind that comes with it. With patience, the film shows commuters in traffic lines and public transport, all heading to work. Huge office buildings where hundreds of people are working, all identical behind a computer screen, typing. Endless repetition behind the assembly line. The documentary takes a look at people during a workday and makes you reflect on the meaning of labor.



      Besides electrician, forensic scientist, musician and father, Max Baggerman (1990) is now a documentary director as well. After several courses and degrees, Max recognized and followed his passion for film by studying at the Dutch Filmacademy. Max is a director of two extremes. On one hand he makes conceptual films like Macht (2017) and When you grow up (2019), emphasizing the cinematic experience and the philosophical implications. While Rustzoeker (2018), on the other hand, is a very empathetic, personal view of a man trying to run away from society. In the future, Max hopes to continue making various films. There are plans for fictions, documentaries, film installations and an online philosophy & film course.


      • The Netherlands Film Festival
      • Keep an Eye Film Festival Amsterdam
      • Karama Human Rights Film Festival Amman
      • Fear No Film Festival Salt Lake City​​​​​​​

      DOKer 2020 — Short Competition

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