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    FRANCE 14 MIN, 2022


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      Biodun is nigerian. In this animated documentary, he tells the story of his journey on foot from Lagos to Paris, how he survives with a container, a "bidon" and thanks of his courage. With his amazing patter, he transforms the events into extraordinary adventures.



      After graduating the Cergy Beaux-Arts in 2004, Samuel Albaric started a carreer in press photography while directing documentaries. Very influenced by the «reality films», he directed three films about the israelo-palestinian conflict (Gaza, souvenirs 2008). This experience of armed conflicts will force him to chose news topics for his work, while deflecting them. What always motivates his work is to search how big History resonates with individuals. This crossroad between reality and fantasy pushed him to direct an animated short film in 2015, 5 Years after the War. This documentary-animated work gets even more precise in 2022 with Europe by Bidon about a journey of a Nigerian migrant from Lagos to Paris.


      After graduating with honours from the French Applied Arts School ENSAAMA, in 2017 Thomas Trichet started studying animation at the School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris. In 2019 he directed his first animated film Le Taxi de Sun City, entirely made with 3D scans. His second project, also started in 2019, is a 2D animation series, Meet Doug, which is currently being rewritten.

      During his studies, he met Martin Maire and Théo Jollet, with whom he collaborates closely ever since. Together, they founded the collective of directors JTM, feeding their projects with a variety of mediums such as 3D, video or drawing.

      In 2022, together with Louis Sechaud Thomas completed his first short documentary Kitana Time. At the same time, together with Samuel Albaric he co-directed the 2D animated short film Europe By Bidon.



      • Animest Bucarest, Bulgaria
      • Athens International Film and Video Festival, Greece
      • United States Cleveland International Film Festival Cleveland FILMSLAM, United States
      • RiverRun Winston-Salem, United States

      Doker 2023 — Short Competition

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