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    CUBA 13 MIN


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      According to an ancient Caribbean ritual, manufacturing a wooden cross can placate the anxiety stemming from your inner demons - in Yoan’s case, the image of an absent father that haunts his daily. Therefore, Yoan is about to do so, encouraged by his mother. However, what might look like a normal depiction of an archaic ritual is just the starting point of a more intimate, mysterious story, made of silences, internal and external movements, gestures, and exorcisms.




      Cuban film director graduated from Documentary at EICTV in 2016. His documentaries have partcipated in festvals in Cuba, Mexico, Argentna, Uruguay, United States, Indonesia, Netherlands, Spain, Georgia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Germany and Russia. In 2013 he won the documentary Crisalida Award for Best Short Film at the Internatonal Documentary Festval of Oaxaca in Mexico and the award for Best Documentary Short at the New York City Short Film Festval in the US. His next film 'The farewell' had its internatonal premiere at IDFA in 2014, won the award for best film in the category Hit FICUNAM in Mexico, the Full Frame President Award; Best Documentary Short at Cine Pobre-Gibara. During 2017 Alejandro coordinated the Master of Alternatve Cinema organized by the EICTV-Cuba.


      • Cinema du Réel, France 2017 
      • DOK Leipzig, Germany 2017
      • Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Argentina 2017
      • RIDM, Canada 2017
      • Las Palmas Film Festival, Spain 2017

      DOKer 2018 — Short Competition

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