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      The “digital revolution” reached the cinema late and was chiefly styled as a technological advancement. Today, in an era where analog celluloid strips are disappearing, and given the diversity of digital moving picture formats, there is much more at stake: Are the world’s film archives on the brink of a dark age? Are we facing the massive loss of collective audiovisual memory? Is film dying, or just changing? Cinema Futures travels to international locations and, together with renowned filmmakers, museum curators, historians and engineers, dramatizes the future of film and the cinema in the age of digital moving pictures.




      Born 1965 in Linz, Austria. Film maker, film editor, sound designer, writer and lecturer on film theory and film history. 


      Michael studied at the Viennese film academy (film and video editing) and at the University of Vienna, focusing on film and media theory. Since 1988 he has been working as a freelance editor, composer and sound designer. Since 2001 he has concentrated more on directing. His films received several awards at international film festivals and are screened in theatres and on TV.

      Michael is the author of numerous lectures and articles on theory and aesthetics of film and cinema. From 1990 - 94 he worked as film critic (Der Standard, Falter). Since 1998 he is a lecturer at the Viennese University for Music and Arts. He lectures at further education courses and frequently conducts film making and theory workshops as well as film education programmes at the Austrian Film Museum, the Viennese Medienzentrum at the School for Independent Film and the Vienna Film College.


      Michael Palm was a founding member of PVS VERLEGER and NAVIGATOR FILM and is a member of SYNEMA, society for film and media, AEA, Austrian Editors Association, and of DOK.AT, Association of documentary makers. He lives and works in Vienna.



      • Venice film festival 2016  
      • Leipzig Documentary Film Festival 2016  
      • Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo 2016  
      • Doc Lisboa 2016  
      • Rotterdam Film Festival 2016  
      • Jerusalem Film Festival 2016  
      • BAFICI, Buenos Aires 2016  
      • Viennale 2016  



      Let IT dok! 2017

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