SPAIN — CHINA 74 MIN, 2019


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      The Chinese New Year holidays are approaching and Yῡ Liang Yuan (21) travels from the industrial colony where he lives in Shenzhen to his hometown in Henan (in one of China’s inland regions). but this in no ordinary vacation. This year, his visit is critical for his future and that of his family. A bold capture of personal growth and self-acceptance in a country where a voiceless generation fights for the opportunity to be himself.



      Began his cinematographic studies at ESCAC, from which he graduated in 2016 after getting his degree in film direction. That same year founded Limmat Films Ltd., produced and directed «Made in China» (2019). That experience lead him to develop of the feature film «Now I know», which aims to be an international Chinese-western coproduction. Executive producer of the documentary «Against the tide» and to the feature film «Black draft». On 2018, started with the famous Egyptologist Joann Fletcher the development and scriptwriting of the feature Epic Series «Pharaoh».


      What started as an attempt to redirect our attention towards an
      unknown and cryptic China has turned into an exciting and deeply
      emotional project about China’s greatest and most unknown social
      issue. A journey of personal growth and search for freedom which
      aims to immerse the viewer into this world and allowing them to
      experience it so as to better understand the problems, conflicts, and
      dreams of a voiceless generation who fights for the opportunity to be themselves.


      DOKer 2020 — Main Competition

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