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      CAPITAL C is the first documentary on the crowdfunding revolution. Crowdfunding is perhaps the most significant social development of the past decades. The film follows the endeavours of three independent artists, who reach out to the crowd in order to change their lives forever. CAPITAL C is independently produced and crowdfunded by 586 people from 24 countries.




      Short on money, Jørg and Timon started to create artworks and music videos for their independent band in 2001. Soon after, they built a team to produce visual work for other artists such as AVICII or Sunrise Avenue. Over the years, they've received multiple Gold and Platinum awards and produced and directed commercials (e.g. for Audi), before they eventually made the transition to filmmaking. In 2012, their debut film CAPITAL C, a documentary on crowdfunding, was funded by 586 people from 24 countries through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. CAPITAL C is independently produced by Jørg and Timon, and will be in cinemas 2015. 



      • CPH:DOX Copenaghen, Denmark 2014 
      • Against Gravity FF, Poland 2015 
      • Zurich IFF, Switzerland 2015 
      • Newport Beach FF, USA 2015



      In 2010, we found ourselves in the middle of a little known concept called crowdfunding. Over the years, we supported dozens of campaigns, went through highs and lows with engineers of 3D printers, developers of virtual reality glasses, farmers making organic popcorn, creators of comic books, filmmakers of both Sundance- and Oscar-winning movies, and even the kid with the lemonade stand down the street. Hundreds of new ideas were brought to life right before our very eyes. And that’s exactly where we found the topic of our film: the right to do things on your own terms with the help of the crowd. 


      Over a sleepless weekend in February 2012, we filmed our pitch video and uploaded it to Kickstarter...


      Fifty-eight long days and nights later, we had raised $84,298 and were able to start filming CAPITAL C – the first documentary about the crowdfunding revolution. As a team of two, we crashed on the couches of our supporters, got their help when it was needed the most, and followed more than 24 crowdfunders as they started out with their projects. Three of these stories make up CAPITAL C.


      Our little film is dedicated to those who wake up every day with this inner urgency to create and to those who dare pursuing their dream. Hopefully, the stories of Jackson, Zach, and Brian will inspire others to write that book about an idea they've had since high school, to record the album they always wanted to make, or to create the prototype of that thing-a-ma-gig collecting dust in the back left corner of the garage that Uncle Larry always makes fun of during family reunions.


      For the first time in history, there are no more middlemen to decide which idea is worth spreading. Now it is in the hands of all of us. CAPITAL C is a movie made by just two guys, but with the help of 586 backers from more than 24 countries. Without them, a film like this would have never been possible. Those people became our crew, financiers, proof-readers, test audience, and some of them even friends.


      Let IT dok! 2016

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