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      Calabash is the story of the first African World Cup, told through the lives of its unheralded heroes. A family in the heart of Johannesburg's Soweto township converts their home into a bed and breakfast, a young footballer is inspired to lift his troubled family out of poverty and a construction worker at Soccer City Stadium longs to return to his family. Meanwhile, a Mexican fan attending his thirteenth consecutive FIFA World Cup traverses the Rainbow Nation satisfying his insatiable love of football, while catching only mere glimpses into the natives' humble existence. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, each character provides their own perspective on a divided society, where the ultimate showcase of national pride is a mere illusion that marginalizes the ambitious and rewards the apathetic.




      German photographer and filmmaker based in London. He has significant experience traveling in South Africa and other sub-Saharan countries. His most recent film, Duke’s World, has been submitted to several international film festivals.





      Grew up in Houston, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico before attending Georgetown University. While interning for HBO in his final year of college, he met Alex Flick; originally from Germany, he had relocated to the US to direct his first documentary, Duke's World, a portrait of a small town in the American South divided by racial discrimination. The two quickly bonded over football and filmmaking, while developing the concept for Calabash. Originally inspired by Gerardo's grandfather from Guaymas, Mexico, Calabash is his first feature documentary.


      Main Competition 2015

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