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    IRAN 63 MIN, 2018


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      Life as a herder is hard and solitary, but the 82 ­year­ old Iranian Firouzeh loves the ever changing nature, the hard life and her faithful cows. She hikes across the rugged landscape, lugs bundles of wood and still nimbly climbs trees. Beloved follows this strong minded woman in her work across the seasons as she tells the story of her life, with work and fate as the dominant themes. When she was a young girl, a marriage was arranged for her with an older man, with whom she had 11 children. But not one of them comes to visit her now. Spending the winter in the low­lying village, she makes fervent efforts to get closer to her kids.


      Nevertheless, she looks forward to the prospect of spending another summer in the mountains with her cows, ignoring well­meaning advice that she should simply retire. This striking portrait captures one of the last female herders working in the traditional way, an indomitable woman who ultimately chooses independence. The colors of nature—also a protagonist in the film—leap off the screen.




      Yaser Talebi is an Iranian Film Director and member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association. He was born in Sari, Iran, in 1982. He travels around across the globe to meet people and explore the environment, history and culture of different lands. His recent projects, which have won numerous awards from film festivals worldwide, include: Top ten audience awards IDFA 2018, Best Director of a Short Documentary at the International Film Festival NICE in France 2017 and others.


      • IDFA Amsterdam 2018
      • Cinema Verite in Tehran 2018
      • Berlinale 2019

      DOKer 2019 — Main Competition

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