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    FRANCE 90 MIN, 2020


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      Ida, Olympe, Jeanne and Marie dance to the music of pianos, symphonies, contemporary pieces… in ballet school studios, in the streets, even in their bedrooms. They are between 6 and 11 years old. Very fond of each other, they film themselves, comparing and giving one another support. They also tend to annoy one another, are at times envious, even rejecting each other. What is it like for a little girl to grow up in a world of intense professional and competitive dancing? Closely following the emotions and dilemmas experienced by our young characters, this film explores and probes into a territory that we’ve all navigated, though many of us have forgotten: childhood.



      Began her career as an editor, after studying film and audiovisual at the University of Paris Saint-Denis, where she particularly appreciated the editing courses of Dominique Villain. She worked for more than ten years, with a predilection for documentary editing and four-handed writing. After these years as an editor, Anne-Claire wanted to go on location, meet the characters, work in team and tell her own stories. She became director for television short programs for another ten years. But, missing the long format, long-course stories and the depth they allowed, she decided to write her own documentaries. Little Ballerinas is her first film.


      DOKer 2021 — Doker Kids


      The screening is supported by the French Institute in Russia, Moscow

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