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      ATENTAMENTE is a film that, through the sensation of the time passing by and the presence of the death that wanders into a nursing home, allows us to feel the life through the illusion that love brings along.


      Libardo and Alba, a couple of elders who met each other at the nursing home where they live, they fall for, they become boyfriends and start to struggle in order to find fifty thousand pesos to rent a room for one night at a hotel so they can have a privacy moment, since at the nursing home where they live is not possible to have that. While struggling they must face each other, face their fears, their limitations, their pains, their time as well as their fragility so they can construct that moment in which they meet love. A struggle that seems to be easy, but for them is an odyssey against time, against their limitations and their own ghosts.




      Camila Rodriguez was born on 1985 in Cali, Colombia. She graduated from the Integrated Arts faculty at Valle University in 2008 and from that moment on she has been dedicated to the production of her cinematographic and artistic work. Her medium-lengh documentary Retratos de la Ausencia / Portrait of absence (2011) was premiered at Visions du réel – Nyon. Then, she directed severals short-lengh and artistic videos which she has presented in various cine or artistic festivals like the dei Popoly Festival (Italy), Ânûû-rû Âboro – the International Festival of indigenous cinema (New Caledonia), the 35th International Festival of New Latinoamerican cinema in Havana (Cuba), etc. Her first feature-lengh film, Atentamente (2016) was premiered at the FIDMARSEILLE, for the 27th International festival of cinema in Marseille (France). It is currently being distributed.


      So far I have only had intuitions about my job. I still do not have a statement totally defined. I work based on my intuitions and my sensations. I also work to understand such things.


      In this moment, in my statement, I would only write three words which are the ones more connected to the way of doing a work than doing the works themselves; intuition, process and time. Intuition that for me is also sensation, which is connected to where I am, to the person I have in front but also connected to my feeling, mi look and perception. Sensations and intuitions that are strong and make me stay to watch.


      This process, I might say, is where I try to understand that intuition, where I watch, try ways, a process that implies work, to be there, but it is also connected to my personal work, to images I create spontaneously about life and end up appearing in my work. Maybe that is why several works of mine are a reflect of human processes: life, death, reborn, the passing of solitude, of the loss, the memoires, the damaging, the finitude, the facing and searching of myself.


      Time as well, because my work always demands a lot of time; time to figure it out at every stage; because I work with photography and video mainly, which is somehow, time, and because in my job, the sensation of the passing of time always appears in a very strong way.



      • 27th FIDMARSEILLE — Prix Renaud Victor, France 2016 
      • 8th Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali, Colombia 2016 
      • 7th Festival International du Cinéma d'Alger — Honor Mention for the Jury, Algeria 2016 
      • 6th First Look, Museum of the Moving Image in New York, USA 2017 
      • 23d Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Catalunya, Spain 2017



      Main Competition 2017

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