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    CANADA 64 MIN, 2022


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      Users of alternative community mental health resources express their relationship to art and life. The intimate experience of art, of the studio, of associating with artists and of seeing oneself as an artist changes their lives as they contemplate the relationship between art and madness.



      Francine Saillant is an anthropologist, artist and documentary maker. For several years, she has contributed to the vitality of Quebec culture through its social, literary, visual arts and video production actions. Her video productions focus on social and artistic diversity, on the experiences of minority / minority groups, and on the enhancement of the voices and image of people associated with these groups. In 2019, she produced with Fanny Hénon-Levy the film Creators of Links, then, the work Appear in 2021, a series of video experiences combining documentary and art.



      Visual artist, Fanny Hénon-Levy holds a Master of Arts degree from Paris-Sorbonne (2006) and obtained in 2020 a Master of Fine Arts degree from Laval University as well as several awards. Her research focuses on the singular, even marginal, character of the human being and the power of action, vital. In particular, the process of drawing is privileged for its raw and uncluttered character, and as a means of appearing, linking and creating a space for mutual recognition. She is the creator of polymorphic creations, cultural mediations (2016-2020) and participatory drawing installations presented in different contexts in Montreal and Quebec City. Her other artistic contributions include accompaniment in the mental health milieu (since 2014), artistic direction and art film making. In 2019, she is co-directing the film series Créateurs de liens (La Fabrique culturelle) as well as the film Apparaître in which the action of art, light and beauty on well-being is central (broadcast 2021).


      • Arte Non Stop Festival, Argentine
      • Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois et Francophone de Vancouver, Canada
      • Festival Cinéma du Monde de Sherbrooke, Canada
      • Fine Arts Film Festival, USA

      Doker 2022 — Dok Therapy

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