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We are incredibly happy to announce our Closing night movie — The Wonderful: Stories From the Space Station by Clare Lewins. This mesmerizing documentary celebrates 20 years of scientific work and international collaboration, offering a glance into the life on the space station as well as some personal touching stories of the remarkable men and women who have been a part of the unique project.

Scientists from all around the globe, locked up together, distanced from the daily life on Earth, watching it from above. The space station, a living testament to the incredible technological achievement, is also a shocking reminder of the human flaws and frailty. The people working on it have to constantly work through their differences and support each other in order to advance and survive.

The Wonderful: Stories From the Space Station was directed by Clare Lewins, an accomplished director known for her deeply intimate takes on the most iconic figures of our society. Her previous work was focused on Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen, Mick Jagger and Che Guevara.

We are proud and grateful to have The Wonderful: Stories From the Space Station as our Closing night movie and are looking forward to presenting it to our audience.

The screening will take place on June 27 at 20:00.


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