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Oh brother Octopus by Florian Kunert

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer is proud to announce the Short Competition Program 2018. 16 films from 14 countries will be competing for the Best Short Documentary Award.

Bonne nuit du fond des bois, Camille Demers-lambert, Canada, 22' (World Premiere)

Cholera, Svetlana Chernikova, Russia, 15' (National Premiere)

Collection, Marcin Polar, Poland, 19' (Russian Premiere)

Duel, Alejandro Alonso Estrella, Cuba, 13' (Russian Premiere)

Dust, Jakub Radej, Poland, 25' (Russian Premiere)

Exact time, Tatiana Stefanenko, Russia, 26' (National Premiere)

Forget everything, Nastia Korkia, Cuba — Russia, 5' (Moscow Premiere)

Happy today, Giulio Tonincelli, Italy — Uganda, 17' (International Premiere)

I’m still here, Tana Gilbert, Chile, 14' (Russian Premiere)

Oh brother Octopus, Florian Kunert, Germany — Indonesia, 27' (Russian Premiere)

Sun cream, Aylin Gökmen, Switzerland — Hungary, 10' (Russian Premiere)

The Cow-tongue flower, Germán Reyes Ruiz, Colombia, 23' (World Premiere)

The Last tape, Cyprien Clement-Delmas & igor Kosenko, Germany — Ukraine, 12' (Russian Premiere)

The Mauritania railway: Backbone of the Sahara, MacGregor, Spain — Mauritania, 12' (International Premiere)

We live of what we kill, Jorge Guerrero, Spain, 15' (Russian Premiere)

Wifi Plaza Cuba, Adrian Kelterborn, Switzerland — Cuba, 3' (Russian Premiere)


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