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Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer is happy to announce its Feature Competition program.

DOKer 2017 presents, as the years before, Russian and International premieres.

01. ATENTAMENTE by Camila Rodríguez, Colombia 90 min

02. BABYLON DREAMERS by Roman Shumunov, Israel 87 min

03. BECOMING WHO I WAS by Chang-Yong Moon & Jin Jeon, Korea – India 96 min

04. BROTHERS OF THE NIGHT by Patric Chiha, Austria 88 min

05. THE CALM TEMPEST by Omar A. Razzak, Spain – Italy, Spain 73 min

06. THE CHARRO OF TOLUQUILLA by Jose Villalobos Romero, Mexico 90 min

07. THE GIFT by Przemyslaw Kaminski, Poland 56 min

08. GOODBYE DARLING, I'M OFF TO FIGHT by Simone Manetti, Italy 74 min

09. HAPPY by Caroline Genreith, Germany 83 min

10. IN PROCEDURE by Jiska Rickels, Netherlands 58 min

11. THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES by Mike Day, United Kingdom 81 min

12. THE LOST CITY by Francisco Hervé, Chile 78 min

13. RED CLOTHES by Lida Chan, Cambodia 63 min

14. SACRED WATER by Olivier Jourdain, Belgium – Rwanda 55 min

15. THIRD-CLASS TRAVEL by Rodion Ismailov, Russia 80 min


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