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All of us at The Doker International Documentary Film Festival are deeply anguished over the tragic events taking place. We see present-day reality as a watershed in recent world history with a foggy future for all.

We have always been open to documentary filmmakers of any nationality, faith or beliefs. Doker has shown Ukrainian cinema as well as Russian premieres of films shot in Donbass. It is only in the reflection of different, even polar, points of view that the whole volume of perception emerges.

It often takes years to make a documentary. This duration of observation, stretching over time, makes it possible to step back, to reflect on reality in order to put together a particular picture of the world and to convey it to others. It is difficult to imagine how long it will take to comprehend the events of recent years and today.

At this difficult time, we urge everyone to take care of each other, not to radiate spite and to think critically.

We believe that one day we will be able to return to promoting and exploring this incredible and profound sphere of cinema, sincerely hoping for the rapid coming of peace and the preservation of lives.


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