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DOKer announces the launch of a special competition showcasing an array of documentaries with the focus on IT. The competition is called Let IT Dok! The topics and heroes of the films will cover various phenomena and distinctive characters: hackers and robots, ordinary users of social networks and CEOs of IT corporations, hostages of virtual galaxies and real astronauts, trendy startuppers and pioneers of the Internet, cyber athletes and master-mind experimenters.

The idea for such a competition has hung thick in the air. IT has long been the focus of our attention, it has already conquered the minds of all the humanity and increasingly affects our way of life and communication, our jobs and even feelings. Our present is unimaginable without IT, let alone the future. And what is very important for DOKer is that the variety of topics, stories, issues, solutions, emotions, imagery related to IT and innovation in general is quite big, which leads us to think that there are and always will be a great number of documentaries from all over the world highlighting this sphere of life. Moreover, the IT zone is constantly growing, developing new layers and influencing our world. This is a very fruitful, in a way even philosophical area for research, which would never cease to be, providing documentarians with rich opportunities for study.

The new competition will comply with all the usual requirements and aims of the festival, such as the discovery of the new names, search for the contemporary hero, formation and evolution of the cinematographic language, development and support of documentary cinema as such.


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