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JURY 2018



Film Scholar, Sound Operator, Producer


In 2004 she graduated from the Film Studies Faculty of University of Łódź. But just watching and studying films was boring for her so Agnieszka started to work in documentary film: location manager, executive producer, production co-ordinator and project developer. Later she mastered another profession in film, that of sound director. 


She has worked in Poland, Israel, Ukraine and Russia. She has overseen a long-term documentary project «Russia-Poland. A New Approach» at the studio of Krzysztof Kopczyński. She has collaborated with the fimmakers Maciej Cuske, Marcin Sauter, Wojciech Kasperski, Karolina Bielawska, Tomasz Wolski, Alexander Gutman, irina Volkova, Dmitry Kabakov, Nastia Tarasova and others. Her filmography amounts to more than 40 documentary films. 


She has worked as the sound director for such films as: «Sometimes I dream I’m flying» Aneta Popiel-Machnicka («Golden Panda» at the festival of Documentary Cinema in Chengdu, China 2013) and «Deep Love» Jan P. Matuszyński (Best Documentary Film at the Krakow and Moscow Film Festivals 2014).


She compares the documentary world to parallel worlds: people with whom one meets there cannot be met elsewhere and thanks to documentary cinema one can take them with oneself forever.

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