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JURY 2022




Director and producer


Fariz was born in Baku, Azerbajan. He graduated from the film screenwriter specialty of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts in 2005 and from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), majoring in film directing, in 2012. He also received a master’s degree in film directing from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts in 2019.


In 2012-2015, he worked as the director & artistic director of the Azanfilm animation film studio. In 2013-2014, he was the executive director of the Baku International Tourism Film Festival. In 2020-2022, he was the director of Azerbaijanfilm studio.


Since 2015, he has been engaged in pedagogical activities at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.

He is the producer of more than 100 feature, documentary and animation films.


Ahmedov’s cinema works Rhythms of Lahij (2008), Old People (together with I. Mammadov, 2008), One step (together with N. Baghirzada, 2009), Heritage (2010), The beacon (2012), Melting Island (2013), Literary Mission (2016) and others participated in prestigious film festivals held in more than 60 countries and have been awarded more than 80 prizes.


His recent work, The last one, follows the only remaining inhabitant of the biggest Azerbaijani island in the Caspian Sea. After a premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the film was screened at a number of international festivals, winning Golden Maple award as the Best documentary at the Jahorina International Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Bronze Castle at the International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA in Poland.

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