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JURY 2018



Director, Screenwriter, Producer


Born in 1968 in Schwerin. Studied Physics at Humboldt University Berlin and Information Technology at the Technische Universität Berlin, Theatre Studies at Free University in Berlin. Between 1992–1999 worked as a projectionist in cinemas in Berlin. In 1994 became a co-founder of the BALASZ cinema in Berlin. In 1995 started Film Directing course at «Konrad Wolf». Author of the documentaries «Havana Mi Amor» (2000), «Marry Me» (2003), «Comrades in dreams» (2006), «Pink taxi» (2009), «As Time Goes By in Shanghai» (2013), «Wacken 3D» (2014), «Goodbye G.I.» (2015), «The Long March to Burning Man» (2017). Currently working on a new film entitled «A Home In Hollywood».


Uli Gaulke has won many prizes amongst which are: German National Film Award LOLA for Best Documentary, German Cinematography Award, Joris-Ivens-Award (Gran-Prix at Cinema du Reèl), Bavarian Documentary Film Award for Best Documentary, Audience-Award at the Pamplona Film Festival, Grand Jury Nomination Award at Sundance, Grand Jury Award in Shanghai and others.


The director has worked as a teacher of film and has been a jury member of many film festivals.

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