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JURY 2017




Born in Havana, Cuba in the family of a Russian military officer. The peculiarities of her father’s profession owing to which they had to constantly change the locations of service were added to his curiosity and wish to see other lands. 


Olga received a higher legal education, specialization - civil law. Then she entered the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Faculty of International Relations.


Since then, fascination with history, politics and diplomacy has determined the direction of her future travels and professional photography education.


As a photographer Olga worked on all continents, in more than seven dozens of countries around the world, organized more than 10 difficult and dangerous expeditions to Central America, Africa and Indonesia, lived with wild tribes many times, dived with Nile crocodiles in their natural habitat - nobody did it to her, her portfolio has photoes of great white sharks and killer whales and other unique shootings.


Olga is the host and co-author of the TV-project on wild animals "Extreme Photographer", behind her are several personal photo exhibitions and documentaries. 


In 2016, as a producer Olga released a documentary directed by Vadim Vitovtsev 'Small People. Big Trees' with the World premiere at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in USA, where the film won the Grand Prize in the nomination "Best Environmental Story" and began a triumphant tour of other world festivals, such as: HumanDOC in Poland, EKOFILM in the Czech Republic (the Main Prize in the HERITAGE category), International Documentary Film Festivals in Palm Springs, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas and others.

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