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JURY 2018



Director, Scriptwriter, Producer


Born in 1977 in the south of Serbia. Received his education in the fields of Media and Mass Communications, composed satirical pieces for magazines, for five years lived in various continents and worked for leading international media outlets. Despite the fact that this work paid well, gradually all the disadvantages of the journalistic life came to overshadow his own life and, as a result, Boris decided to radically change everything: he left his job, spent all his money on a video camera and began to shoot films. 


A year later his first film «Pretty Dyana» appeared, it was about crazy gypsies who converted an ordinary car into an ultra-modern vehicle for garbage collection. His second film «Unmik Titanik» was concerned with the tragic events in Kosovo and was filmed in one night. His next work was a philosophical film essay «Goodbye, how are you?» and which took four years to make. These films have been shown at more than 150 festivals and were awarded tens of prizes and broadcast on more than 25 international television channels. 


In 2017, Boris released his next film «In Praise of Nothing», a satirical documentary parable about nothing in particular, in which «Nothing», tired of being misunderstood, runs away from home and returns for the first and last time. The film was shot over a period of eight years in 70 countries with the participation of 72 filmmakers. For the film 20,000 pages of different bibliographies were studied and the background text was read out by Iggy Pop. In rhyme. Its premiere took place at one of Europe’s most prestigious film festivals, in Locarno. In the past year the film has travelled through more than twenty of the most important film festivals of the world. At the end of April 2018 its Russian premiere will take place in the documentary competition programme of the Moscow International Film Festival. 


Boris Mitic has also a rich pedagogic experience in the film schools of Europe, China, the USA and the Middle East.

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