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JURY 2022




Documentary filmmaker and artist, based in Munich, Germany, who is often part of a project already from the very start. As a cinematographer experienced in documentary shooting, she really loves working in the moment, using existing light in a creative way to let reality help to shape her visions. 


She studied filmmaking at the nordland art- and filmschool in Kabelvåg, Lofoten and cinematography at the norwegian filmschool in Lillehammer, from which she gratuated in 2010. 


She was nominated for the German Camera prize and ARRI AMIRA award at Dok.fest 2018. At the same festival, she received the FFF Talent Award as the Best young German documentary filmmaker.


As a cinematographer, Zoe worked on such projects as: the documentary series Früher oder Später by Pauline Renneberg (2018), the full-length feature film by Isa Micklitza Meet me in the woods! (2018), the documentary Die Uhr by Anna Brass (2021), the artfilm At the edge by Eili Bråstad Johanessen (2022) and others.


As a director, Zoe made the documentary New Chapter (2019) co-authored with Nima Taheri. She also acted not only as a DoP, but also as a screenwriter in the documentary series Unter einen Hut (2022), under the direction of Pauline Roenneberg.

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