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      Super-objective dashboardcam videos grow into a strong image of Russian national character with its permanent awaiting for the miracle and habitual approach to real dramas. Everything can happen on the road of... life.




      Born in Archangelsk,1986. In 2009 graduated from the Department of Law, the Pomor State University and entered the Saint-Petersburg Film and TV University. Graduated in 2014. 

      In 2012 created multimedia project ‘Malevich in the Square’, which was presented at the 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Russia) and at the exhibition of young Russian contemporary artists ‘I am who I am’ in Kunst im Tunnel (Dusseldorf, Germany). 

      This project was bought by the Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow, Russia). 
      Graduated from IDFA Academy, Amsterdam in 2012.


      • IDFA Netherlands 2016 
      • Docudays Ukraine 2017 
      • Docs Against Gravity Poland 2017 
      • True/False USA 2017 
      •  DocPoint Estonia 2017 
      • HotDocs Canada 2017 
      • Nashville Film Festival USA 2017

      Some time ago I was involved in the production of videos which were analyzing different car crashes in order to show people mistakes which usually happen on the roads and can lead to tragic consequences. I was interested by this theme and searched in the internet for more examples of the accidents. And that's how I ran into dashboard cam videos. I was thrilled by them. The thing is that most people concentrate on tragic and funny situations that happens in front of the dashboard cameras. But for me the most powerful thing about it is the reactions of people behind the cameras. How they deal with the life which literally crashes into them.

      I was charmed by the reality and truthfulness of the material. And even more I was amazed by the way how everything is ‘directed’ by pure chance. No one controls dash camera, no one even pay attention to it until something happens.

      Another amazing thing in this material is that the sound and the video exist separately. We hear the collective main character who is behind the camera and see what happens outside the car. So the spectator gets somewhere between two components which form cinema. And it has an outstanding effect being there for some time and just sinking into pure observation.

      I believe that this film can give a chance to feel some kind of a collective Russian soul. And what can be more interesting for documentary director than to try to get something elusive.


      Let IT dok! 2017

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