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The End of the Season by Stanislaw Cuske

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer is proud to announce the Short Competition Program 2020. 16 films — productions and co-productions from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Oman, Peru, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Spain will be competing for the Best Short Documentary Award. The films will be celebrating World, International or Russian premieres during the Festival.

  1. A SHORT STORY by Michał Ciechomski

  2. FOR CAMERA by Mostafa Shahrokhi

  3. INDIA OBSCURA by Lukacs Thibault

  4. I WAS ANDERSSEN by Raúl Riebenbauer

  5. MARS, OMAN by Vanessa del Campo

  6. MUD ROAD by Francesco De Giorgi

  7. MY DAY INSIDE THE CAGE by Mengjun Yang

  8. ON HOLD by Laura Rantanen

  9. REVOLYKUS by Victor Orozco Ramirez

  10. THE CITY OF THE SUN by Mariya Semenova

  11. THE CROSSING by Otávio Almeida

  12. THE END OF THE SEASON by Stanislaw Cuske

  13. THE FANTASTIC by Maija Blåfield

  14. THE LAST SCENE by Tommaso Santambrogio

  15. THEN COMES THE EVENING by Maja Novaković

  16. WHEN YOU GROW UP by Max Baggermann

More information on films can be found here.


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